Sadist "Above The Light" Ben
"Tribe" Ben
"Crust" Ben
"Lego" Ben
Salem "Collective Demise" Ben
7th Nemesis "Promotional CD" Ben
Sex Circus "The Only Path To Eternal Pleasure" Ben
Seyminhol "Northern Recital" Ben
Shape Of Despair "Shades Of..." Huggy
"Angels Of Distress" Huggy
Sin "Reconstructed Singles" Ben
Sinocence "Thank God For Satan" Ben
  "Acceptable Level Of Violence" Ben
Solefald "The Linear Scaffold" Ben
"Neonism" Ben
"Pills Against The Ageless Ills" Ben

Strapping Young Lad

"Heavy As A Really Heavy Thing" Huggy
"City" Huggy
"No Sleep 'Till Bedtime" Huggy
StuBorA "What We See Is Not What We Wanna See" Ben
Summoning "Lugburz" Ben
"Minas Morgul" Ben
"Dol Guldur" Ben
"Nightshade Forests" Ben
"Stronghold" Ben
"Let Mortal Heroes Sing Your Fame" Ben
Symbyosis "The Fluid" Ben
"Crisis" Ben
"Voyager" Ben
"Life Is A Phoenix" Ben
Symphony X "Symphony X" Rust
"The Damnation Game" Rust
"The Divine Wings Of Tragedy" Rust
"Twilight In Olympus" Rust
"V : The New Mythology Suite" Rust
"Live At The Edge Of Forever" Rust
"The Odyssey" Rust